The U.S. Congress introduced two resolutions on countering Russian entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin. The businessman responded with an open letter to the U.S. congressmen, the Federal News Agency reports.

In his address Prigozhin recalled that the United States was formed as a state that destroyed the indigenous population of North America. In addition, since 1905 the White house began to follow a policy that involves interference in the affairs of other states. The national interests of the countries of the world are ignored. Anyone who tries to resist is eliminated or divided.

“The countries opposed to U.S. interference either disappeared completely from the face of the Earth, or the U.S. unscrupulously redrawn their borders”, the letter says.

In other words, Washington seeks to expand its influence on the planet, Prigozhin points out. According to the Russian businessman, the Americans started 41 wars, and the U.S. armed forces are engaged in enslavement, not protection. Otherwise how can we explain the presence of more than 300,000 U.S. military personnel on the territory of other countries?

In that way the White house is pursuing a policy of coercion to its own interests. The U.S. also intervenes in the political sphere of other countries to form convenient political regimes in each of them. In its pursuit Washington relies on the help of terrorists, who are often trained with own hand.

“The key national interest of the United States is the destruction of foreign cultures and the enslavement of other peoples”, Prigozhin notes.

It is noteworthy, that traitors from all corners of the Earth found refuge in the territory of the United States, Prigozhin says. As an example, the entrepreneur cited Reza Pahlavi, Chen Guangcheng and Fethullah Gulen.

Indisputably the White house does not always use force. In some cases, information warfare becomes an instrument of U.S. intervention. Social networks and the

Internet space are controlled by intelligence services of the United States, which manipulate the public consciousness and conduct a policy of strict censorship.

“I urge you, dear congressmen, not to forget that there are 252 states on the Earth and each of them has its own national interests and values. You are not alone in this world”, Prigozhin writes in the open letter.

Speaking about the investigation of Robert Mueller, in which the special counsel tried to accuse the Russian entrepreneur of something that he did not commit, Prigozhin notes that these actions has failed. The case itself was one of the most shameful in the history of the United States. Read the FAN article for more information.

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