US President John Bolton, who was dismissed in September last year, will publish a memoir on the 23rd of this month that describes the regime’s intimidation, and the Trump regime has filed a lawsuit against publication, stating that “the content contains confidential information.” In response, the Federal District Court in Washington, DC, rejected the publication, saying, “Before publishing, hundreds of thousands of books have already been distributed around the world, so we can’t stop the leak.”

In the memoir, Trump’s insistence that he wants to eliminate factors that would be unfavorable in the fall’s presidential election was not acknowledged because there was a bargaining that showed Trump’s prioritization over national interests in diplomatic negotiations.

Meanwhile, in the judgment of the Court, “It is highly likely that Bolton would violate the confidentiality agreement and disclose confidential information, threatening the national security,” said Bolton.

Trump said on Twitter, “It’s a great victory. “Bolton will be accused of violating the law and will pay a very high price.” Trump said on a reporter to the White House on the 20th, “It is a very strong judgment surrounding confidential information. According to the court’s view, will all the sales of books be paid to the country?”

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