Black Panther: Kendrick Lamar to produce and curate soundtrack, releases lead single ‘All The Stars’ ft. SZA

Marvel has enlisted Kendrick Lamar to curate and produce the soundtrack for Black Panther with Top Dawg Entertainment founder Anthony Tiffith.

The news was confirmed with the release of lead single “All The Stars” by Lamar ft. SZA: a gorgeous, understated and bass-heavy track that will accompany T’Challa’s ascent to the throne.

Lamar had dropped a big hint about his involvement via his stunning video for “Love”, where at 1.54 in the footage showed a clapperboard held in front of him, with the words: “B. Panther Soundtrack Coming Soon” written on it.

In a statement, Lamar, who was handpicked by director Ryan Coolger to work on the soundtrack, emphasised how the film will be so much more than your average superhero movie.

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