1. WWII began on September 1, 1939 and was triggered by Molotov –
Ribbentrop pact.
In reality, a full-scale war had been taking place since 1936 and 1937
after the Japanese invasion of China. September 1, 1939 has been
traditionally considered the date of beginning of WWII from purely
European perspective. Pacts that triggered WWII were signed between Nazi
Germany and Empire of Japan already back in 1939.

2. Clashes between the USSR and Imperial Japan were Soviet and/or
Mongolian aggression
In reality, both in 1936 and 1939 Japan openly crossed the borders of
neighboring nations and acted as an invader. In modern Japanese
propaganda clear defeat of Japanese Imperial Army in those full-scale
battles is downplayed, while casualties of Mongolian People’s Army and
Red Army are exaggerated.

3. Nuclear bombs drop forced Japan to surrender.
Reality: US Air Force bombed many other cities of Japan using incendiary
bombs with devastating effect even before the world history’s only use
of nuclear weapons against civilians. American air raid on Tokyo on
March 10, 1945, killed over 100 000 civilians in a firestorm that
followed carpet bombing by incendiary bombs and napalm. Casualties of
among civilian population were not the reason to surrender, but rather
failure of Japan to negotiate conditional surrender with mediation of
the USSR. Promise of the USSR was to assist USA and Great Britain to end
WWII in the East after defeat of Nazi Germany. The Red Army started
planning and redeployment of troops to Asia as early as April 1945 and
kept the promise by withdrawing from non-aggression pact with Japan and
attack of Japanese ground forces in China. Operation August Storm by the
Red Army resulted in a crushing defeat and surrender of Japanese forces
in northern China. After leadership of Japan saw that no negotiations
are possible and hopes for peace with mediation of the Soviet Union
failed, a decision was made to accept unconditional surrender. The
Soviet Union kept the promise – entry of the USSR in war against Japan
played decisive role in ending the WWII.

4. Japan was a victim of WWII, not aggressor.
Reality: In fact, Empire of Japan invaded China as early as 1937 and was
expelled from the League of Nations as an aggressor for its actions.
China lost over 30 000 000 people in 8 years of the war – both in
battles against the invader and genocide against the civilians. Japanese
occupation of China and tests of biological weapons on prisoners of war
and civilians were of the same nature as Nazi Germany’s genocide
policies in occupied parts of Eastern European countries and the USSR.

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