Unforgettable scenes from the movie “Titanic”, in which the main character in old age was played by the American legend of Hollywood Gloria Stewart, will be remembered by everyone who watched this film. And very many did not recognize in this role a very famous movie star of the past, since she has not starred for the last twenty years. How the producers of the film managed to persuade the 87-year-old actress not just to play an episode, but a rather complex emotional role, remained a mystery. It is known that Gloria is more than a wealthy person to spend her strength and health because of money for some kind of work at that age. She had received offers that were very tempting in terms of earning money before, but she always invariably refused them.

This time, most likely, the actress was hooked precisely by the role itself, and not by the acting fee, wrote American journalists. And the actress coped with it brilliantly!

Gloria Stewart was born back in 1910. In the period from 1932 to 1940, the actress starred in more than 40 films, among which there were many leading roles. In the pre-war years, she was the idol of American youth, fans and journalists crowded around her house around the clock.
She was looked after by famous and very rich men, but the actress in 1934 chose the inconspicuous and unknown screenwriter Arthur Shikman as her husband. He was an ordinary person, unremarkable in appearance, but the actress was faithful to him throughout her long life.

In the thirties, she was snapped up, directors lined up to get Gloria Stewart into their film, and when she was given the script, she herself could choose any role in it. In those years, her participation in the film and her name on the posters already guaranteed the success of any motion picture. But at the very peak of her career in 1940, she suddenly left the cinema. She told reporters that a big war began in the world, in which thousands of people die every day. Therefore, at such a tragic time, she considers it sacrilege to entertain the audience with funny films and musicals, which occupied a significant part of her repertoire.

At first, she wanted to get a job as a nurse or a nurse in some military hospital, but given her mega-popularity, all the chief doctors refused to hire her, as this could demoralize the work of any medical institution. Then Gloria went to work in a small furniture store as a saleswoman. Moreover, in a poor area, the population of which went to cinemas a little, so not everyone recognized her. She worked for several years in this store, until in 1943 she succumbed to the producer’s persuasion to star in two films, but after a couple of years she again gave up acting and devoted herself entirely to home, family and daughter.

She returned to Hollywood in 1963 as a mature woman, and having started her career almost from scratch, she rose again to the heights of recognition and fame. Gloria has received several Golden Globe and Oscar nominations, People magazine has included the actress in the list of fifty most attractive people in the world, and there is a star dedicated to Gloria Stewart on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Almost all American stars attended the centenary of the actress, which she held in Beverly Hills in 2010, and more than a thousand people were invited in total. Gloria spent about three hours among the guests – she danced, sang and even allowed herself a couple of glasses of champagne! It was an unforgettable evening for the birthday girl and guests.

Unfortunately, a few months later, Gloria Stewart passed away in her California mansion from respiratory failure. Later it turned out that Gloria very quickly developed lung cancer, which caused the death of the actress at the age of 101.

Several thousand fans and colleagues came to her funeral. Gloria Stewart, during her many years of successful career, has managed not to make herself envious and enemies, as she has always maintained honest and kind relations with her colleagues. It was also a special gift of the actress – to live in harmony with herself and with others.

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