It seems that after the speeches of Donald Trump and the Chinese leader, there is only an increase in tension: President Trump blames the “Chinese virus” for the global catastrophe, and Xi Jinping claims to be the environmentalist.

The presidents of the United States and China converged in their speeches at the annual General Assembly today, highlighting the rivalry between the superpowers, which the leader of the 193-member organization, Secretary General Antonio Guterres, has described as a great global risk.

On coronavirus, global warming, human rights, international cooperation, and a host of other issues, President Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping expressed very different views in their pre-recorded comments, highlighting the growing rift between the United States and China during the first three years of the Trump administration.

Donald Trump blamed China for the disaster of the world from the coronavirus, in his opinion, the pandemic has traumatized the world. Trump has demanded that the United Nations hold the country accountable. The Chinese leader, clearly anticipating Trump’s attacks, presented the virus as a problem for everyone and described China’s response as scientific, generous and responsible.

Trump described China as a leading environmental degrader and said the United States has done more to reduce pollution since it pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. The Chinese leader reaffirmed China’s commitment to reducing emissions and reducing the threat of global warming.

The Chinese president has sought to present China’s global ambitions as a boon to all. He said that Beijing “does not intend to wage a cold or a hot war with any country.”

Trump is known to be a longtime critic of the United Nations and disputes its multilateral diplomacy as an obstacle to his America First Policy – even though the United States remains the largest contributor to the United Nations budget.

Trump also withdrew the United States from an international agreement to slow global warming by reducing emissions, arguing that it does not demand enough from developing countries such as China and India. But his opponent in the upcoming elections, Joe Biden, has pledged to rejoin the deal and spend $ 2 trillion to cut emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.

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