Another mysterious metal monolith has been discovered in Australia. This time, coordinates were engraved on its surface, pointing to three completely different places.
The first metal structure more than two meters high was discovered in the desert of Utah, USA last month. According to Google Earth imagery, the monolith was installed more than four years ago. Subsequent structures, found in Romania and California, were probably installed in a hurry after the original was discovered. It is not known who and why installs them.

The latest monolith, found in southern Australia, carries a new mystery. He not only does not reveal the identity of the creator, but is also covered with strange coordinates.

According to Yahoo News, the first set of coordinates points to the location of the Trump Tower in New York, USA. Others are in seemingly random locations, including Managahu, an uninhabited island in the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Sphinx in Egypt.

The meaning of these coordinates is still unknown and there is a high probability that this is a rally. Many believe that all of the monoliths are copies of the first structure found in Utah.

Many theories have been put forward about the origin of the original, from forgotten props from the filming of the series “Wild West” and the posthumous work of American sculptor John McCracken to alien origins.

Recently, the “detectives” from Twitter found the most plausible explanation. They shared a screenshot from the Instagram page of American photographer Eliot Lee Hazel from Utah. It is speculated that the original monolith was a photography props that the photographer forgot.

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