As noted by the Washington Post, the results of today’s expression of will fully confirm the results of the voting that took place in the country on November 3. There were no surprises in the electoral vote in those states where the incumbent US President Donald Trump tried to challenge the victory of his rival Joe Biden. These are, in particular, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada. As of 00:00 on December 15, Joe Biden has already received 240 electoral votes, Donald Trump 229.

Hillary Clinton believes who the electoral college should be disbanded
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who sits on the New York City electoral college, said the institution should be abolished.
Former secretary of state and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who is also a member of the New York electoral college, believes that the United States should abolish this body and elect the president by popular vote. She wrote about this on December 14 on Twitter.

“But while it still exists, I am proud to have voted in New York for [US President-elect] Joe Biden and [future US Vice President] Kamala Harris,” the post said.
Clinton has spoken in favor of abolishing the electoral college in 2016, after losing to Donald Trump in the presidential election. Trump received the majority of the college votes.

Clinton said she advocated the abolition of the college in 2000, when Democratic candidate Al Gore received 543,000 more popular votes than Republican candidate George W. Bush, but received fewer electoral votes.

In 2016, Clinton ran for president from the Democratic Party, but lost to the current head of state, Donald Trump.

She did not participate in the 2020 elections.

Voting for the US presidential election took place on November 3, 2020. The main competitors were considered the Democratic candidate, former US Vice President Joe Biden and the current President, Republican Donald Trump.

The turnout in these elections was a record for 120 years – about 160 million Americans took part in them. According to preliminary data, following the general vote, Biden enlisted the support of 306 Electoral College members, Trump has 232 electoral support. You need at least 270 votes to win.

The winner of the election will be officially announced by the President of the US Senate at a meeting on January 6, 2021. On January 20, the elected head of state is to be sworn in.

Trump refuses to admit defeat in the election and is trying to challenge the vote in the courts of various states.

On December 14, the US electoral college is due to vote for the President and Vice President of the United States based on the results of the November 3 vote.

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  1. Well I guess the votes are in from the electoral college. It sounds like they are in agreement that Joe Biden won. President Trump doesn’t seem to think so though. I think he’s still pursuing his lawsuits. I wonder if President Trump has a case? What do you think?

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