On the basis of the Almaz-Antey concern, which is located in St. Petersburg, a new medical research and production center has been opened, where high-tech equipment will be developed and produced.

The authorities of St. Petersburg announced that at this new medical research and production center on the basis of the Almaz-Antey concentration, enterprises engaged in the development of weapons for air and anti-missile defense will be united. The products that will be developed in this center will meet all international standards.

The day before, the official opening of the center took place, during which the representative presented a unique device for research in the field of radiography, as well as an experimental X-ray machine, previously used to examine patients tested with coronavirus. That is, the center will also help fight coronavirus infection.

At the new site, the enterprise will create prototypes of high-tech medical equipment. In particular, the center’s specialists plan to produce six types of X-ray machines.

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