US President Joseph Biden spoke about the requirements for strategic security and cybersecurity, which he voiced at a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Geneva. The American leader’s press conference was broadcast on the PBS YouTube channel.

Biden told reporters that the meeting is helped by issues of strategic security and the mechanisms that will ensure it. The parties discussed in detail further steps: diplomats will have mechanisms to control the latest types of weapons.

He also clarifies that he points out to Putin the key infrastructure that should be attacked: by cyber or other means.

Earlier, at a meeting with journalists, the Russian arms leader announced Russian-American consultations on cybersecurity issues, and also agreed to discuss the future of the Treaty on the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (START, unofficially called START-3).

The meeting of the Russian and American presidents took place on June 16 in Geneva at the Villa La Grange. Leaders talked for three and a half hours

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