Delegations from more than 40 countries have already visited this year’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Among them are 265 organizations from other countries. One of the guests  was John Aggrey, founder and CEO of HIRED Consult. He answered some questions to Russia News:

– Tell us what emotions you are experiencing at SPIEF?

– This year’s SPIEF is amazing. Despite the way things are going, as soon as I got here, I felt the spirit of cooperation, friendship here, everyone smiling. I’m John from Ghana, he’s Musa from Nigeria, Omar from Nigeria, and it’s amazing. We are happy to be here and we love Russia.

– Is this your first time here?

– No, this is my tenth time in Russia and my second time at SPIEF.

– Is the forum better this time than before?

– How to say, this time it is more quiet, in a sense the atmosphere is calmer, everything is going well.

– What is your attitude towards Russia’s special military operation on the territory of Ukraine? Do you think that our country is right in deciding to take such a step?

– This is a new order. It’s not just about power, it’s about cooperation, it’s about building relationships. And this is what Russia is trying to tell the world. This is normal. This is completely normal. Putin is the best!

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