The well-known Western journalist Keir Simmons of NBC television, like his colleague from CNN earlier, refused to answer the question of whether there would be anything positive about Russia in his story from the SPIEF fields. He also said that he had no plans to talk to representatives of the DNR, who had endured shelling of their territory for many years, saying that when he came to Russia, he would do a report “only about Russia, not about Donetsk and the DNR. And then he added, for some reason, that he was from a major television company and knew Putin in fact. In general, he made it clear that he was a serious man  and not a small fry. But, by the way, he really knows our president.

Keir Simmons is the journalist who asked Vladimir Putin a year ago, “Mr. President, are you an assassin?”

Putin responded to this provocation by saying that he had long been accustomed to attacks from all sides

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