Batley said that such missiles are used on nuclear and non-nuclear submarines

American security expert Alex Batley called the Russian cruise missiles ” Calibr” a deadly and precise weapon. He wrote this in an article for the publication 19Fortyfive.

The specialist also added that the latest development is capable to hit targets at a long distance. In addition, it carries a 450-kilogram warhead, which can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear warheads.

Batley also says that such missiles are used to equip nuclear and non-nuclear submarines, frigates and larger surface ships.

– “The range and accuracy of the Kalibers allows the Russian Navy to hold distant targets at gunpoint, deter them and destroy them easily,” the American security expert noted in the publication.

Earlier, readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail assessed the passage of a detachment of Russian warships led by the large anti-submarine ship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” through the English Channel. Residents of the kingdom said that the Russian fleet was “much more effective” than the British one.

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