The Daily Mail writes about the record sales set by the new fast-food chain  “Delicious. Full Stop”. The new brand replaces McDonald’s, which has left the Russian market.

Walter Finch

Russian McDonald’s, which has changed its name, sold more than 120,000 burgers on the day it opened in Moscow and broke all the previous records of the American chain before it left the country because of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

Big Macs and McFlurry ice cream may be removed from the successor restaurants’ menus, but the new chain, according to its manager, has ambitious goals for further growth.

Thousands of people who came to the opening of the main restaurant “Delicious. Full Stop”  on Pushkin Square in Moscow, saw the new logo, colors and packaging – without the McDonald’s brand symbols. The new company lost the rights to use the trademarks and intellectual property of the American group.

“On the first day we sold almost 120,000 burgers,” Paroev said. – There has never been such a daily turnover in all the time McDonald’s has been operating in Russia.

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