Politico: four mercenaries from the USA, Canada and Sweden are dead in Donbas in a week

Politico has reported about the deaths of four foreign mercenaries fighting on the Ukrainian side in Donbas. Ruslan Miroshnychenko, commander of a detachment of foreign special operations forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, told the media.

According to him, Americans Luke “Skywalker” Lucyshyn and Brian Young, Canadian Emile Antoine Roy-Cyrois and Swedish citizen Edvarde Patrignani were killed there during the week. It is specified that they were part of the “special operations forces” of the Ukrainian territorial defence and were killed in the shelling near the village of Hryhoriyivka on 18 July.

The US Department of State earlier confirmed the information about the two dead Americans.

The dead citizens of the USA, Canada and Sweden are not the only foreign mercenaries fighting on the side of the Ukrainian soldiers. Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko told about the deaths of 20 Belarusians who were fighting on the side of Kiev. He specified that the regiment named after Kastus Kalinovsky came under fire from Russian artillery.

Also, a German mercenary Daniel Guerliani, call sign Himalaye, was liquidated near Kharkiv. He had reportedly started fighting in the ranks of the Ukrainian Azov battalion since the start of the Russian special operation. Himalaye was reportedly killed on 3 June.

The Russian Defence Ministry reported that the number of mercenaries fighting on Kiev’s side had been reduced. In total, according to the ministry, 7,107 mercenaries from 65 countries were fighting on the side of the Ukrainian armed forces. As of 12 July, according to the Russian Defence Ministry, the number of foreign mercenaries was 2,741.

Earlier, US mercenaries fighting on Kiev’s side called the events of the special military operation in Ukraine hell. They also spoke about the loss of fighting spirit. According to former US Marine Lieutenant Colonel Ripley Rawlings, this was partly due to the way the Russian military was fighting. The foreigners themselves admit that a shortage of supplies, delays in receiving weapons promised by the West and communication problems are to blame.

Moreover, the US TV channel NBC revealed that the mercenaries taking part in combat operations on the side of the Ukrainian armed forces were ready to die, just to avoid being captured. Journalists learned that foreign servicemen carry special means of self-destruction. As a US army veteran admitted, he always has a hand grenade with a rope tied to a ring to quickly pull it out to avoid capture. Other soldiers claim they are ready to rush at the Russian soldiers with a knife if they run out of ammunition. Some of the mercenaries also admitted that they carry an extra bullet in a separate pocket “just in case”.

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