The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada has confirmed the death of a mercenary from his country in Ukraine, REN TV has reported.

According to preliminary reports, he took part in military actions on the side of Kiev.

It is noted that the foreign ministry is aware of the death of the Canadian citizen in Ukraine. The ministry is in contact with the family and is providing consular assistance. Other details were not disclosed.

Earlier, it was reported that mercenaries from the USA, Canada and Sweden who took part in hostilities on the Ukrainian side had been killed in Donbas. The Ukrainian illegal armed groups have been manning themselves with foreign mercenaries since 2014, when Kiev launched a military operation against residents of Donbas. The militants included natives of Sweden, France, Italy, Canada, Slovenia and other countries.

On 17 June, the Russian Defence Ministry published statistics on the dynamics of movements and numbers of foreign saboteurs fighting for the Kiev regime. According to the statistics, Poland has the highest number of European mercenaries, followed by Romania, Great Britain, Canada and the USA.

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