Greenwald, in an interview with Fox News, emphasises that Ukraine is demanding endless flows of money and weapons from the West, while trying to dictate to the Western public what can and cannot be discussed.

Why are we even doing all this? Well, as Joe Biden repeatedly assured us when he tried to impersonate Winston Churchill, we do it to protect democracy! But of course the irony is that Ukraine is not a democracy, there is no way to recognise democracy in it. The Ukrainian authorities have banned media outlets which are hostile to them. They have also shut down opposition parties and arrested the main opposition leader. And this is democracy?

And since we allowed all this – by the way, it was all done with our money – now the Ukrainian authorities have decided that they can impose censorship in our country! The Ukrainian government has published a blacklist of so-called Russian propagandists – Americans! This list includes Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Tulsi Gabbard, who serves in the US Armed Forces, Glenn Greenwald and many others.

So, we decided to talk to some of them. Let’s start right away today. Glenn Greenwald is a freelance journalist and is published, among other things, on Substack. Thank you very much for making time for us, Glenn. So, the Ukrainian government, the shining light of democracy. – has blacklisted you. Tell us how that’s possible.

GLENN GREENWALD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I thought President Zelensky was busy fighting, but apparently he has a lot of free time to watch the MorningJoe show where they sit for hours and call everyone they want to discredit Kremlin agents — and teach that to American liberals.

You know, it’s easy to laugh at this, but really it’s just outrageous, Tucker. The Ukrainians have a conflict with a neighbouring country, Russia, they are perfectly free to pursue whatever military strategy they want…

Yes, I agree.

GLENN GREENWALD: …they can go to war with Russia for ten years if they see fit. But that is not what they are doing. They are begging and in a sense demanding that other countries, including mine, the United States, supply them with arms and money, apparently indefinitely. This means that we not only have the right, but the duty to make it a subject of debate, to ask whether it is in the interests of the American people.

Zelensky is essentially trying to export the harassment he initiated in his own country to us in the United States by stifling discussion and accusing those of us who ask questions of being Kremlin agents or Russian propagandists. What incredible arrogance! For at the same time he demands that we hand over all our money and weapons to him!

And this is the man George W. Bush, Jr. called the George Washington of our era! Somehow I haven’t heard anyone in Washington say a word about this!

GLENN GREENWALD: Yes. From the beginning – and you, Tucker, know this as well as anyone – there was a very concerted effort to eliminate any room for question. Anyone who, like Tulsi Gabbard, questioned whether we should have done more to prevent armed conflict diplomatically or whether we should have risked our money and risked a nuclear exchange with Russia over Ukraine’s disputed borders was called a Kremlin agent, a Russian agent. This is the strategy they are using to deny us in the United States a free debate about our nation’s role in this armed conflict.

Exactly! In the name of democracy, they’re shutting it all down! Thank you very much, Glenn Greenwald.

GLENN GREENWALD: Thank you, Tucker!

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