The United States is acting like a spoiled superpower, and it’s not Russian President Vladimir Putin who is to blame for the crisis, but US leader Joe Biden. This statement was made by former US Marine intelligence officer Scott Ritter on a YouTube channel.

“We [the US] demand that the world act on our terms, according to our rules. That means the world has to dance to our tune and our tune alone,” Ritter said.

He stressed that the world is inhabited by other people with their own sovereign interests, not only Americans, but the United States is trying to impose its will on Russia, Ukraine and Europe as a whole.

Ritter also recalled Biden’s repeated attempts to shift responsibility for global problems onto his Russian counterpart.

“This is not the case. Joe Biden is to blame,” the officer stressed.

On 23 July, Ritter said Russia had won a political, economic and military victory over the West. Additionally, the former officer noted that the USA might soon run out of weapons to supply to Ukraine.

German newspaper Die Welt columnist Thomas Straubhaar noted on 24 July that despite the fact that Germany is already in a deep economic crisis, the USA continues to put serious economic pressure on the country.

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