US comedian Noah has recalled a drunken woman joke following Pelosi’s decision to visit Taiwan

US satirical show host The Daily Show Trevor Noah has mocked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s short-sighted plan to visit Taiwan.

“You know what Pelosi does? <…> She’s repeating the classic joke of drunken white women getting into fights on behalf of their husbands. It goes something like this. They shout, “You know, we’re not gonna let that happen, my boyfriend’s gonna deal with you!” And the boyfriend’s like, “No, Nancy! Nancy, shut up, Nancy, it’s China!” <…> Nancy, for God’s sake, get in the car, Nancy,” the TV host sneered.

Noah stressed that no American wants to start a world war, and Pelosi’s plans like this could be a “big headache” for US President Joe Biden along with inflation, the conflict in Ukraine, rising fuel prices and the upcoming congressional elections.

Earlier, it became known that a special US Air Force flight flying towards Asia had landed at the Honolulu airport in Hawaii. The day before, US media wrote that Pelosi was going on an Asian tour, during which she would visit Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. A visit to Taiwan has also been speculated but Pelosi herself refused to comment on this information citing security concerns.

Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, had earlier said Beijing would take effective measures if the Speaker of the House visited Taiwan. Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei said Tuesday that China’s army would not sit idly by in case US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan and would take drastic measures to thwart outside interference.

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