Algeria’s President Abdelmajid Tebboun says the country is ready to join BRICS

Algeria is ready to join the BRICS, said Algerian President Abdelmajid Tebboun. His words were quoted by the Al Mayadeen channel.

“Algeria has almost all the conditions to join BRICS. It is deeply interested in joining this organisation,” Tebboun noted.

The BRICS economic alliance now includes Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa.

In July, Nigerian Ambassador to Russia Abdullahi Shehu told RIA Novosti of his readiness to apply for membership in the forum in the near future.

The head of the Department of International Economic Affairs of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Li Kexin, earlier reported that “there are knocking at the door” of the BRICS, including Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Argentina.

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