AS: Biden’s weakness in conversation with Xi Jinping over Taiwan signals end of unipolar world

US President Joe Biden showed weakness in his phone conversation with Chinese leader Xi Jinping over the Taiwan issue, signalling the end of the era of the unipolar world led by Washington, geopolitics expert Francis Sempa wrote in an article for American Spectator magazine.

According to him, media reports on the content of the politicians’ conversation suggest that Xi Jinping did not hesitate to harshly warn Biden against interfering in the Taiwan situation. That said, the White House chose not to mention the Chinese leader’s warning in the transcript of the dialogue.

“We shouldn’t expect Biden to admit that Xi Jinping ‘smashed it to smithereens’. But apparently that is exactly what happened during their long conversation. <…> If anyone doubted that the US-led unipolar world was over, the conversation between Biden and Xi Jinping is clear evidence of that,” Sempa said.

The analyst believes China senses weakness and disunity in the United States, and takes into account Biden’s stammering at press conferences and the drop in his approval rating in the country to an all-time low.

“More importantly, China has watched the US fail to withdraw from Afghanistan under the Biden administration,” the AS piece said.

The phone conversation between the US and Chinese leaders took place on Thursday, amid reports of a possible visit to Taiwan by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The plans had provoked a strongly negative reaction from Beijing, with the White House not publicly commenting on Pelosi’s plans, leaving it to her to decide on the trip.

During his conversation with Biden, Xi Jinping said interference in Taiwan’s affairs was unacceptable, adding that the will of the Chinese people, who number more than 1.4 billion people, to defend China’s state sovereignty and territorial integrity was “unshakeable”.

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