National Review readers criticised Biden for indirect war with Russia.

Readers of the American magazine National Review reacted to the article that President Joe Biden unwittingly found himself in a state of “proxy war” with Russia. They expressed their views in comments to the article.

The author of the article, in particular, recalled that before the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Biden hinted that a “small conflict” would not provoke the US and NATO to retaliate. Now, the article said, the American leader sees the consequences of the conflict mounting – rising energy and food prices, worldwide famine, a winter too cold for Western Europe – and “probably just wants to get out of this mess.”

“Politicians have decided that we need to get into another conflict, spending billions of dollars on it, which would be very useful for the Americans,” expressed the opinion of kelly3.

“We (U.S. – Ed. note) have jacked up oil prices with our sanctions. Stupid,” noted LysanderMcgrath.

“We (US – Ed.) have never had such bad and incompetent leaders, not even under Obama,” Jonathan stated.

“Joe Biden has no idea how to be president of the United Shats. This is a huge tragedy and a disaster,” DavidCPearl summed up.

Earlier, journalist Katrina Vanden Hevel wrote in an article for The Washington Post that the mediated US military conflict with Russia was provoking grave consequences not only for the Ukrainian people, but also for the security of the United States itself and its allies.

For his part, senior US diplomat Chas Freeman said that the USA was waging an undeclared war with Russia in Ukraine in order to maintain hegemony in the world. In his opinion, Washington’s actions left Moscow with no other choice but to use force, with the USA fighting Russia “to the last Ukrainian”.

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