The Hill: Americans’ economic outlook is bleak, and the election will make it worse

Political analyst Harlan Uhlmann called the economic outlook for U.S. citizens bleak. He wrote this in an article for The Hill.

According to him, the upcoming election will only make things worse.

“Inflation is about to hit double digits. Gasoline, though cheaper, is still very expensive,” he wrote.

Ullman noted that by some estimates, 41 per cent of the country’s residents are considered either poor or low-income. In his view, US citizens intuitively understand where the country is headed. He stressed that, according to polls, nearly 90 per cent of Americans disapprove of the chosen course. As a result, the vast majority of Americans do not see a better future for themselves, he wrote.

The political scientist added that the upcoming elections will not change the situation either. Ullman noted that both parties are “run by fringe voters”.

“The party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan has degenerated into the cult of Trump. The old Democratic Party of Roosevelt, Kennedy and Johnson has been skewered by rabid progressivism. And there are no other parties. There will be two seniors competing for the presidency,” he said.

Gallup earlier conducted a poll and found that more than half of US residents are facing financial problems because of rising inflation. “56 per cent of Americans now say rising prices are causing their families financial difficulties. By comparison, that number was 49 per cent in January and 45 per cent in November 2021,” the survey said.

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