In an interview with Fox News, Gina Carano shared details about her social media behavior that outraged the LGBT community and cost her her Hollywood career. According to the actress, she did not intend to cause anyone’s outrage, but merely thought she had the right to express her own opinion.

Gina Carano was a pretty famous mixed martial arts fighter and became an even more successful actress. She starred in films such as Deadpool and Fast and Furious and then briefly starred in the Disney series The Mandalorian.

But then her career hit a brick wall. Why? Well, she was fired for her unorthodox views on mask-wearing and the 2020 election. She wasn’t particularly political and certainly didn’t support a particular party, but she was lambasted for her views. Nevertheless, she remained unbroken.

She was interviewed by the hosts of the Tucker Carlson show. Quite an amazing interview! Here’s Gina Carano explaining how she reacted to Disney’s demands to define her pronouns.

Over the past two years, we’ve never ceased to be fascinated by the courage and the fact that it’s being shown by people you wouldn’t expect it from at all.

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