Iranian kamikaze drones supplied to Russia are causing serious damage to Ukrainian forces in Kharkiv Region, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported the other day.

The Ukrainian military complained to the US publication that the strike drones (UAVs), believed to be Iranian Shahed-136s, “operate in pairs, one of which targets the nearest radar and the other captures the target and destroys it. The drones have already hit several Ukrainian armoured vehicles and artillery batteries in this way.

Over the positions of Ukrainian armoured brigades and artillery divisions in the north-east of Kharkiv Region, “Iranian Shahed-136, repainted in Russian colours and renamed Geran-2,” the publication said.

In July, the United States warned that Russia was planning to buy “hundreds” of combat drones from Iran, which has made significant progress in developing military drones to compensate for the Islamic Republic’s lack of an effective air force, the New York-headquartered publication noted.

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