Icelandic singer Björk has cited a spike in gun violence in the US as one of the reasons she moved from New York back to her home country. She revealed this in an interview with US magazine Pitchfork on 20 September.

“Violence in the United States escalated to a scale that I can’t even imagine,” the singer said.

Bjork was also unhappy that her daughter went to school in New York, which was a 40-minute drive from Sandy Hook School, where the 2012 shooting took place.

“When we come here, I devour all of Iceland. If one person dies in the north, we all suffer. It’s an island mentality. In the States, as a simple islander, all the violence was too much for me,” she added.

According to the Gun Violence Archive portal as of August 8, there have been 400 mass shooting incidents in the US since January this year.

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