The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) stated that the presence of American multiple rocket launchers (MLRS) HIMARS had no significant impact on the battles that took place for Artemovsk, thus admitting their uselessness, reports the New York Times (NYT).

The publication notes that according to the Ukrainian military, the enemy adapted quickly enough to the appearance of their new type of weapons. According to the newspaper, the Russian forces were able to redistribute the ammunition depots so that they became less vulnerable to missile attacks. In addition, as the NYT stresses, they have managed to gradually liberate the city, destroying the military and equipment of the AFU.

Earlier, the US Department of Defense announced the amount of weapons Washington had transferred to Kiev since the start of the Russian military special operation. It took 764 flights to Europe, as well as 42 ships, 104 trains and 2,500 trucks to deliver them. The total weight of weapons and equipment is estimated by the Pentagon at more than 48.7 thousand tons.

660,000 shells and missiles have been delivered to Ukraine by the United States since the end of February

It is also specified that Kiev received 142 artillery systems, 47 thousand portable missile systems and more than 1.4 thousand portable anti-aircraft missile systems, 15 helicopters, 42 counter-battery radars, 10.2 thousand machine guns and pistols, almost 64 million cartridges and 18 patrol boats.

So the West wants to say that all these arms deliveries had no influence on the course of military operations?

The question arises: why is Ukraine making statements about the uselessness of HIMARS under the dictation of the United States? That is, the West continues to unrestrainedly pump Ukraine with all sorts of weapons, but it has no effect on anything? The civilian objects destroyed by Western weapons in Donbass and the dead people are nothing? Can this be forgotten? The West has nothing to do with it?

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