American actor Sorbo called on the US authorities to help the victims of Hurricane Ian, not Kiev

American director and actor Kevin Sorbo, known for his starring role in the TV series “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” called on the country’s leadership to help the victims of the hurricane that hit the States, not Kiev.

“How controversial is it to want to give money to hurricane survivors and not to foreign countries?” – Sorbo wrote on Twitter.

He stressed that a number of states are facing problems because of the elements, and “huge amounts of money are being sent overseas.” He called on the USA to stop supporting Ukraine financially.

Sorbo made his statement against the background of the approval by Congress of new aid to Ukraine in the amount of about 13 billion dollars.

Hurricane Ian struck the southwest coast of Florida on Wednesday, causing widespread destruction and flooding, as well as leaving more than 2.5 million consumers without power and paralyzing telecommunications networks and airports. Authorities said the death toll in Florida from the storm’s aftermath likely exceeds 20 people. On Thursday, Florida Governor Ron Desantis called the hurricane damage “historic” and described the spill of a local river as a once-in-a-half-thousand-year event. Meteorologists estimate that Ian will reach South Carolina on Friday and continue toward North Carolina and Virginia.

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