As the CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk fired two employees of the company after they publicly argued with him in the social network. This was reported by Bloomberg news agency. Two Twitter IT-specialists Eric Fronhofer and Ben Leib lost their jobs after they criticized Elon Musk in the social network for his shallow knowledge of the device network infrastructure. In particular, they argued with the billionaire about the reasons why Twitter is sometimes slow on Android smartphones. The argument with Fronhofer stretched over dozens of messages and several hours. At one point, Fronhofer, parrying the CEO’s argument, said he’s been working at Twitter for about six years and is confident that things don’t actually work the way Musk describes.

“Twitter on Android is very slow. What have you done to fix it?”, Musk stated in response.

He also wrote afterward that Fronhofer was fired. In a comment to Forbes, the engineer confirmed that Twitter security personnel had blocked access to his work computer.

“As the former director of Timelines Infrastructure at Twitter, I can say with certainty that Musk has no idea what he’s writing about,” Leib joined in the argument between Musk and Fronhofer at one point with these words.

According to Bloomberg, shortly after his post was published, Leib also received a one-day notice of termination.

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