Daily Mirror: Girl in US moved into car to save money on utility bills

A young woman in the United States has moved into her car to save money on utility bills. It was reported by the Daily Mirror.

According to Nikita Crump, she spent most of the money on rent and utility bills. She said she was left with $100 after these expenses.

As an experiment in 2019, the girl decided to move to live in her car. She noted that it had a positive impact on her quality of life. According to Crump, she even equipped the car with a folding table to be able to do full meals in the car. In the boot, she has made a makeshift cupboard out of four containers. She showers at all-night gyms and sleeps in sleeping quarters.

Crump said she has managed to save $25,000 in three years of living out of her car, which she put down as collateral for the van.

“Of course, this life has its challenges, but I went from being the depressed person with no money that I was in 2019 to a thriving and active person a year later. Financial stability just changed everything and also made me realise how much I used to suffer,” the girl revealed.

She said that last year she started earning from creating content for social media. Crump also earns income from ad integrations and views.

However, Crump pointed out that there are still disadvantages to such a lifestyle. One of them is not being able to take a bath or relax in privacy.

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