WP: AI-powered ChatGPT gives thoughtful and detailed responses to different queries

Writing essays, songs, and even computer codes is now possible with a single app, WP writes. The new ChatGPT chatbot is powered by AI and handles a myriad of tasks no worse than a human. Some are tempted by this know-how, while others have serious concerns.

ChatGPT chatbot gives us a glimpse into a future where text written by a computer will be virtually indistinguishable from human texts.

Employees of the educational system, college and university teachers are ready to sound the alarm, because they will have to deal with the consequences of the revolution in artificial intelligence, which may flourish in the classroom cheating with the help of chat-bots.

The cause for concern was ChatGPT – a chatbot with artificial intelligence, which was launched a few weeks ago: now the user to any question in just a few moments gets a desired answer from the chatbot, which is indistinguishable from a human response.

Teachers decided to test the new app. Despite the fact that the chatbot’s answers to questions were far from perfect, they were quite satisfying the requirements set for the students’ responses. And now teachers just have to wonder: how soon will students start using chatbots to write essays or program?

ChatGPT was created by the OpenAI Artificial Intelligence Lab, which emerged a few years ago with funding from Elon Musk. The chatbot is based on the Large Language Model (LLM): it is a software based on artificial intelligence, which, after training, can predict each next word in a sentence based on the analysis of gigantic volumes of texts, identifying patterns by trial and error. Users have helped improve this service – it’s to make the responses generated by ChatGPT seem more spoken. As a result, people have noticed the chatbot’s ability to create texts that are not humorless and even spiced up with deep reasoning.

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