Musk called U.S. plans to support Ukraine’s seizure of Crimea a ruthless escalation

American entrepreneur Elon Musk criticized the U.S. readiness to support Ukraine in case it tries to attack Crimea.

In this way he reacted to the recent publication of The New York Times, according to which the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden begins to recognize that Ukraine may need additional forces to strike at the territory of Crimea, which will strengthen the position of Kiev authorities in future negotiations. As the paper notes, the White House has until recently refused to provide Kiev with weapons to strike targets on the peninsula, but “that line is now begin to soften.”

“I am pro-Ukrainian, but ruthless escalation is very risky for Ukraine and the world,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, deputy Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said the U.S. would support Ukraine, including a possible operation to seize Crimea.

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