Experts still see Donald Trump as a contender for the presidency of the United States, writes The Times. Especially since one scandal after another is happening in the states: once Biden is accused of keeping secret documents inappropriately, then congressmen cannot agree on a candidate for speaker. And all of these problems only add to Trump’s points, political analysts say.

For several weeks now, Donald Trump has been taking an unusual secondary place in American politics, writes The Times, as everyone’s attention is focused now on the secret documents of Biden, and then on the disputes of the Republicans in Congress. He’ll be back in the spotlight next weekend, the columnist predicts, since he is scheduled to make his first political speech of the year.

In addition, the U.S. election campaign will start soon, and Donald Trump is seen as the only real contender for the White House. But he still has much to learn, because last year’s midterm elections were a disaster for him, writes the author of the article. He promoted his candidates then, as long as they supported his idea that he was the one who actually won the 2020 election. However, almost all of them lost.

Plus, in December, the committee investigating the Capitol assault came out in favor of bringing four charges against Trump, including aiding and abetting the rebellion. In addition, Trump’s company was fined $1.6 million for tax fraud.

However, there are experts who still see Trump as a candidate and even president of the United States in the future. “He is still the party leader and the top favorite to win the nomination in 2024,” the author of the article quotes former congressman Joe Walsh as saying.

And Kellyanne Conway wrote in her article, “Waving off Trump’s 2024 candidacy or writing his political obituary is a fool’s errand. He tolerates attacks and avoids prosecution like no other public figure.”

The looming crisis could help Trump even more, the article notes. Congress is now discussing an increase in the U.S. debt ceiling, and if the issue is not resolved, the economic consequences for ordinary Americans will be catastrophic, economists predict. “Trump needs chaos,” because if a financial depression occurs, no outcome can be ruled out, even his victory, concludes the author of the article in The Times.

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