“Blonde” about Marilyn Monroe became the leader in the list of nominations for the Golden Raspberry Awards

The Blonde” about Marilyn Monroe, starring Ana de Armas, was nominated for the 43rd Annual Golden Raspberry Anti-Prize in eight categories, topping the total number of nominations.

“Worst Film,” “Worst Supporting Actor,” “Worst Screen Couple,” and “Worst Screenplay” are among the categories in which the film was nominated, according to data on the anti-prize website.

The second Gold Raspberry leader was the comedy “Good Mourning” from musical artist Machine Gun Kelly. Closing the top three is a remake of Disney’s “Pinocchio” with Tom Hanks. It garnered six nominations.

In addition to “Blondie,” the title of “Worst Movie” may receive “Pinocchio,” “Good Mourning,” “The King’s Daughter” and “Morbius.

The Worst Actor title could go to “Good Mourning” star Colson Baker, Pete Davidson (“Marmaduke”), Tom Hanks (“Pinocchio”), Jared Leto (“Morbius”) and Sylvester Stallone (“Samaritan”).

The contenders for the title of “Worst Actress according to the anti-award are: Ryan Keira Armstrong (“Flaming Stare”), Bryce Dallas Howard (“Jurassic World: Reign”), Diane Keaton (“Mac and Rita”), Kaya Scodelario (“King’s Daughter”) and Alicia Silverstone (“ReQueen”).

The list of contenders to “win” in the “Worst Director” category includes Judd Apatow (“Bubble”), Colson Baker and Maude Sun (“Good Mourning”), Andrew Dominick (“Blondie”), Daniel Espinosa (“Morbius”) and Robert Zemeckis (“Pinocchio”).

The anti-awards ceremony will take place on March 11, the day before the Academy Awards.

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