NYT: French novel about Putin may change national policy towards Ukraine

Author Giuliano da Empoli’s novel “The Kremlin Magician” could change national policy toward Ukraine, according to New York Times columnist Constant Meyot.

“The popular novel ‘The Kremlin Magician’ depicts a sympathetic portrait of the Russian leader and, according to critics, raises concerns that it could change national policy toward the Ukrainian conflict,” the columnist reported.

The novel was published after the start of a special military operation in Ukraine and has become a popular “guide to understanding Putin.” As the columnist notes, after the book was published, Da Empoli became an expert on the Ukrainian conflict on television.

The author noted that in France, literature is still a pretext for political discussions. For example, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne praised the novel, stating that it “like an echo of the current international situation and the conflict in Ukraine.

Meyot added that the image of the Russian president is described favorably. According to critics, it signals a soft attitude toward the Russian president and the possibility of a change in the country’s views on the Ukrainian crisis.

Former French Foreign Minister Hubert Verdin said that the novel was “incredibly believable” and that everyone should read it. He also said that if Macron had read the book, he would not have taken such an aggressive stance on Russia.

Giuliano da Empoli’s novel Le Mage du Kremlin tells the story of a fictional longtime aide to Putin, who discusses the decline of the West, the influence of the U.S. on international politics and strong leadership in Russia.

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