AP: 50 cars of a freight train carrying hazardous substances derailed in the United States

About 50 cars of the cargo train which was transporting dangerous substances, have gone off the rails in the American state of Ohio, informs agency AP referring to representatives of the local authorities.

Incident happened on Friday evening, however the reason of accident hasn’t been defined yet. According to Michael Graham of the National Transportation Safety Board, after some of the train’s cars derailed, they were engulfed in flames.

“The flames have subsided somewhat since the fire began, but the blaze still persists and the railroad tracks are still blocked,” he said.

Twenty of the more than 100 cars were carrying vinyl chloride, a toxic and flammable substance whose combustion products pose a danger to the environment, according to the agency. Experts are currently trying to determine which of the cars containing the hazardous material were damaged.

Local fire chief Keith Drebik stated that vinyl chloride causes the greatest concern. At least one railcar is known to contain the substance, but he assured that the mechanisms to prevent leaks of the hazardous material are “still functioning. As Drebik pointed out, emergency crews will keep their distance until they are absolutely certain that it is safe to approach and extinguish such railcars.

“When they tell us it’s time to go and put out the fire, my guys will go in and put out the fire,” the fire chief explained. He added that other wagons contained other chemicals, and firefighters are now awaiting a full list from local and federal authorities.

There is no information about casualties or injuries at this time.

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