Sky News anchor Panahi couldn’t hold back tears after watching a selection of Biden’s misspokes

Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi couldn’t hold back her tears after watching a video compilation of U.S. President Joe Biden’s most famous misspokes.

The broadcast discussed the results of the American leader’s recent medical examination, according to which Biden is able to effectively perform the functions of the president, he is healthy and does not suffer from either sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease.

As Panahi noted, the U.S. president’s “extremely detailed” neurological examination revealed “no signs at all” of cognitive decline. The broadcast went on to show a selection of Biden’s funniest lapses, and after watching it, the reporter couldn’t hold back her tears of laughter.

“I’m sorry, I’m very sorry. Yes, no man has ever been better qualified to lead the United States and, indeed, the entire ‘free world’ than the current commander-in-chief,” the host summarized.

Biden, who reached his 80th birthday last November, is often the butt of jokes due to misspoken or forgetfulness. Sometimes he confuses the names or positions of those present, and there have been cases where the head of state has resorted to the help of those around him to find his way off the stage. Also, the president of the United States has stumbled on stairs and airplane ramps, fallen off his bicycle, and turned around for a handshake to the void.

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