TAC: Americans want Putin as president because of his leadership qualities.

Vladimir Putin’s popularity in the United States is growing, and Americans would like such a president for their country, according to American Thinker columnist Laura Wellington.

“Many Americans are beginning to see Putin as a hero – the kind of president they themselves would like to have,” the reporter said.

She said that previously the Russian leader’s popularity in the West was limited to his “brutal” image because of photos taken while playing sports or “riding shirtless.” But then Americans began to notice the leadership qualities of Putin, who, according to the observer, “cares about his country and his people much more than the U.S. authorities do.

Another reason for the growing popularity of the Russian president was the lack of trust in Biden and dissatisfaction with his policies. The author reported that Americans respect Putin’s loyalty to Russia while the U.S. leader does not act in the interests of his country. This serves as evidence of Putin’s high regard for his actions and Biden’s failure as head of state.

Recent polls show that six out of ten Americans believe that Biden has achieved almost nothing and that the country is headed in the wrong direction.

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