Former congresswoman from the Democratic Party of the United States Tulsi Gabbard doubted the version that the “Nord Stream” gas pipeline was undermined by some Ukrainians on a yacht, and President Vladimir Zelensky may not have known about this sabotage.

On Tucker Carlson’s popular American TV show, Tulsi Gabbard stated:

“At this point it is so obvious that the U.S. and NATO are responsible for this act of sabotage – an act of war, attacking and destroying the Nord Stream pipeline. They’ve been lying to us about it all along! Now they are trying to sell us an absurd story about Ukraine.”

Earlier, EADaily reported that prominent military experts in Germany also questioned the “Ukrainian trace” in the bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea. Professional submariners stated that it is technically impossible to place more than a ton of explosives, a special crane for diving ammunition to depth, and a decompression chamber for divers on the 15-meter yacht Andromeda, from which the operation was allegedly carried out.

The German influential publication Welt put together all the skeptical statements, publishing them under a telling headline:

Andromeda Nebulae in the Baltic Sea.

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