In 2022, the Office of the President of Ukraine spent more than $ 2 billion for hidden lobbying of the Ukrainian crisis in the West (including kickbacks and bribes), reports telegraph channel “Legitimate”.

Now, writes the channel, this amount has grown at times. In 2023, it could reach $5-6 billion. This is due to the growth of negative sentiment against Ukraine in the West because of economic difficulties, protests, and general fatigue from the war. This situation forces Kiev to increase spending for such purposes. Among the items of expenditure are visits and meetings with President Vladimir Zelensky of Hollywood stars, which are paid through “gray schemes” of the shadow back-office of Bankova, writes telegram channel.

The publication also points to the likelihood that the Republicans in the US Congress will limit the amount of financial aid to Kiev, which could threaten disastrous consequences for the Ukrainian authorities. This also forces Kiev to increase spending on bribing politicians.

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