Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, commenting on the US State Department report criticizing the Mexican authorities, said that Washington should first respond to accusations of undermining Northern Streams, rather than assess situations in other countries.

“It’s pure politicking… It’s like if we were evaluating them from a human rights perspective: Why don’t you release Assange? If you’re talking about journalism and freedom, why is Assange sitting?” the Mexican leader said at a news conference broadcast on social media by his administration.

He said Washington, while assessing acts of violence in other countries, should also respond to accusations of sabotage at the Nord Stream pipelines itself.

“Why does an award-winning U.S. journalist claim that the U.S. government sabotaged the pipeline from Russia to Europe?” he asked.

Lopez Obrador also pointed to the situation with former U.S. President Donald Trump.

“Former President Trump says he’s going to be arrested, like today, presumably for affairs of love. If that happens, everyone will understand why – we’re adults. So he won’t be on the ballot,” the Mexican leader stressed.

He explained that his remarks are calculated to make the U.S. authorities stop seeing themselves as the government of the entire world community.

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