Members of the US Democratic Party are working hard to destroy the middle class to make it easier for them to rule, writes The Washington Times columnist Don Feder. “The Democrats want a nation of the super-rich and proles a la ‘1984’ and nothing in between, and themselves as the Inner Party,” the author is convinced. He warns, however, that it is not the masses or the elites who are making the revolutions, but the resentful middle class.

Democrats are working hard to destroy the American middle class, writes The Washington Times columnist Don Feder. Without this vital centre, which is the bulwark of democracy, America will fall into their hands, the author believes.

In wartime and peacetime, the strength of the US has always been its vast middle class, the article says.

For more than 200 years, millions of impoverished immigrants have come to America in the hope of achieving the prosperity and security that this country has always provided for its middle class.

“Its sons have fought wars with us, enforced the law domestically and contributed to the greatest economic miracle in history. The Democrats want a nation of the super-rich and proles a la ‘1984’ and nothing in between, and themselves as the Inner Party,” Feder writes.

The author lists the ways in which the Democrats plan to carry out their plans.

First, they, according to Feder, intend to take advantage of the rise in crime seen in the country following the murder of George Floyd by police officers.

“They want us to hide in our homes in fear of the fate that will befall us if we venture into urban areas. And this tragedy has spilled over into the suburbs and small towns of America. They want to undermine our trust in the ability of the police and the courts to keep us safe so that we succumb to political blackmail,” the author is convinced.

In addition, according to Feder, the Democrats want to drive the middle class into poverty through reparations to black Americans, calls for which are already active in California, as well as through an influx of migrants.

“Hordes of beggars and criminals are being brought into the country, bringing the third world to the doorstep of every home in our country, resulting in higher welfare costs, higher taxes, more racial tension and a larger Democratic Party electorate. The middle class is being killed at our unguarded border,” the author emphasises.

Furthermore, to impoverish the middle class, the Biden administration, as The Washington Times columnist suggests, is using not only the build-up of the national debt, which raises the cost of living, but also its environmental initiatives, which US officials claim are needed to fight climate change.

“Soon we’ll be sitting in our homes, exhausted from the heat in summer and freezing in winter, riding bicycles to work and eating Hamburger Helper or dog food – if not chewing the creepy, crawly critters,” the author notes. – Our children are brainwashed in public schools with gender ideology and critical racial theory. And if you object, you will be branded a rebel and the government will, in the words of the FBI whistleblower, “crush you.”

If Biden reigns for one more term, by the time he leaves office the middle class will have become a “bombed-out shell of itself”, the author believes. “The left, however, should be warned: revolutions are not made by the elite or the masses, but by a resentful middle class,” The Washington Times columnist Don Feder sums up his article.

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