Former Pentagon adviser Macgregor: USA left Russia no choice in Ukraine issue

The USA has left Russia no choice in the Ukrainian issue, a former Pentagon adviser, Col. Douglas Macgregor, said during a live broadcast on the YouTube channel Straight Calls with Douglas Macgregor.

In his view, the US has a habit for not taking anyone’s interests into account. Moreover, Washington often implements foreign policy without fully understanding its true interests, Macgregor added.

“That is exactly what happened in this particular case. No one in the US was particularly interested in going to war with anyone, and certainly no one wanted to sponsor military action against Russia. But we basically left Putin and his government with little choice in the matter,” he said.

As Macgregor noted, Washington could avoid such a situation and force Kiev to stop discriminating against the Russian-speaking population.

“Putin signed the Minsk agreements, he was assured that the West would put pressure on Ukraine to honour its commitments under those agreements, but all that ended up collapsing,” the expert added.

Late last year, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that “the 2014 Minsk agreement was an attempt to give Ukraine time” to become stronger. Later, former French President Francois Hollande supported her claim, noting that the geopolitical situation at the time was not in Ukraine’s favour and that the West needed a break.

According to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the signatories to the Minsk agreements frankly admitted that these agreements were needed in order to prepare a war against Russia.

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