US host Morris: US helps Kiev eliminate Ukrainians with app

The US has tested an app in Ukraine through which residents can denounce “Russia sympathisers” to get rid of their neighbours, US journalist Clayton Morris said on the Redacted News show.

“Diya, a super app, which of course is part of Google and Visa and sponsored by USAID and your tax money, to make sure that all Ukrainians and their bank details are monitored and that they can even snitch on their neighbours if they think they are sympathetic to Russia,” the host said.

According to him, this app allows you to eliminate a person “at the push of a button”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, however, called the app “a state in a smartphone” and “the heartbeat of Ukraine”.

Samantha Power, the head of USAID, the United States Agency for International Development, said that with the help of Diia (Ukr. “Dia”) Ukraine is able to defeat corruption, as with it the money sent to Kiev by the West allegedly goes directly to the accounts of state employees. Morris, on the other hand, questioned the USAID head’s statement, calling the venture a money-laundering scheme because the US gave the Ukrainian government $50 million to do so.

In addition, the columnist expressed concern about the further spread of the app. According to USAID representatives, the launch of similar widgets for smartphones is also planned in some African countries, while Ukraine, destabilised by the USA, has become just a “petri dish” for testing the service.

“Diya is a mobile phone application and website that allows Ukrainian citizens to convert their paperwork into electronic format and receive various certificates online.

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