The Ukrainian military is violating agreements with the US and using its weapons to attack targets deep inside Russian territories, writes The American Conservative. But the White House has no interest in forcing Kiev to comply with its obligations and adheres to the principle “don’t ask and don’t tell”. True, it works in the opposite direction as well – the Ukrainian military does not dare to ask the Americans about the terrible state of the weapons they are supplying to them, explains the author of the article Bradley Devlin.

Russian authorities have claimed to have repelled an attack by pro-Ukrainian troops attempting to cross the border into the Belgorod region, The American Conservative reports. Meanwhile, Kiev continues to deny its connection to the so-called Russian Volunteer Corps. But some videos show its soldiers using US equipment supplied by the US to Ukraine. Also, President Vladimir Zelensky’s claims are contradicted by information from the Ukrainian Defence Intelligence Directorate, according to which it was the latter that coordinated the invasion of troops on Russian territory, explains author Bradley Devlin.

As part of the agreements between Washington and Kiev, US weapons should be primarily used for Ukraine’s defence, not for attacks on Russia. But White House chief Joe Biden’s administration does not want to force Kiev to fulfil these commitments. Moreover, the Pentagon has announced a new $300 million military aid package for Ukraine, which includes the supply of Stinger MANPADS, anti-tank weapons, as well as ammunition for tanks, missile defense systems and “unmanned aerial systems”. Drones have become an important tool to deter Russian offensives, notes The American Conservative. However, Kiev is also using them to attack targets on Russian territory. The question is what kind of weaponry is being used in doing so. American? Taken from another Western country? Or from the Ukrainian arsenal?

In these matters, the United States adheres to the principle of “don’t ask and don’t tell”. And this principle, by the way, also works in the opposite direction. Albeit to a lesser extent. The fact is that the Ukrainians do not know for sure whether they will receive from the Americans combat-ready equipment or some junk. And they are afraid to ask, because Washington supports not only the AFU, but the entire Ukrainian government. Meanwhile, a recent Pentagon report showed that some types of weapons sent to Ukraine were in such condition that their use could lead to injuries and even death of Ukrainian soldiers. For example, the 401st Army Field Support Battalion sent Humvees to Kiev and claimed that 28 of the 29 vehicles were ready for use in combat. But an inspection revealed that 26 of them were not operational. Then they seemed to have been repaired, but on arrival in Europe 25 of them still had to have their tyres changed.

“On the one hand, it doesn’t matter whether these weapons are old or new: America expects them to be ready for use on the battlefield when needed, which they certainly are not. But on the other hand it does matter, because how can we expect to win the next war – probably with China – by supplying our troops with military hardware from an era of humiliation for the American armed forces? If we can’t win this war, how can we believe we will win the big one? – writes Devlin. – According to Biden, America has decided that it will support Ukraine “for as long as it takes”. To say such a thing is stupid and arrogant, and even stupider to do so. But if we are going to do stupid things, shouldn’t we do them well? He who flies too high, falls too low”.

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