Reuters: number of victims of train collision in India reaches 233 people

The death toll in a train collision in the Indian state of Odisha has reached 233, Western media report.

Reuters quoted an official as saying that “at least 233 people have died” in a train collision in India.

The Indian Express earlier reported that 207 people were killed and another 900 injured.

The train collision happened on Friday near the city of Balasore in India. According to the railway authorities, 10-12 wagons of a passenger train running from Kolkata to Chennai derailed due to a collision with a freight train and fell on the opposite track. After some time, another passenger train hit them and as a result three to four more cars carrying people derailed.

Earlier, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik arrived at the accident site to oversee the rescue operation led by the state Fire Chief Sudhanshu Sarangi. More than a hundred National Disaster Management Force personnel and their state counterparts are involved in the rescue operation, searching for the victims. Many passengers may remain under the overturned train carriages.

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