The Russian people were as friendly as they could be, said former Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter, commenting on his recent trip to Russia. He called it “colossal” and said he felt a great responsibility to be listened to and heard by millions.

SCOTT RITTER, former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer: It was a wonderful trip. More wonderful than I could have ever expected. The organizers were superb. Everyone who participated was great. The Russian people were as friendly as can be.

We’re going to make a documentary called “Leading the World.” And beginning this Thursday, I will publish on a weekly basis one chapter each of the story of this trip.

This week I will begin simply explaining how the trip came to be accomplished, who the organizers were, and what the purpose of the trip was. The publications will go out on Substack. I hope people will give their support. A lot of work has been done. A lot of work. And, just like with the film, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Ladies and gentlemen who are watching us. I’m here to tell you right now, Leading the World is a phenomenon. If it wasn’t, it would all come down to statements: you know, I’m going to Russia; and now the vacation is over, and it’s done. But we’re going to be talking about this for a very, very long time. Probably more than a year. Because it demonstrates how important this issue is and how important this trip is.

It’s been a tremendous trip. I don’t know if I can explain to an American who — I don’t think it was covered in any way by the American media. No coverage at all.

But we are covering it.

SCOTT RITTER: Just us. Yes.


SCOTT RITTER: You can’t say that about the Russian media. There it was fully covered. Everywhere I went…

They showed you and Vika going to the store. It’s a demonstration of your fame, because even your going out for a Coke, or whatever it was, is given a lot of importance.


How did it feel to be perceived as news in Russia?

SCOTT RITTER: My visit was news in Russia. Big news. Everybody watches our show. Everybody watches every video I’m in. They absorb everything. And it’s a huge burden, but not in a bad way. I think coming back from that trip, I realized that… I always take shows seriously and I always, as you know, try to base it on facts. But to be aware of the fact that literally millions of people are listening and listening to every word you say is a responsibility. It’s a huge responsibility. It makes what we do even more important and makes us even stronger in our mission.¬†

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