Christopher Mellon, the former deputy assistant to the head of the Pentagon for intelligence, said that U.S. authorities are studying an object of extraterrestrial origin, and suggested that they disclose this information. According to him, the publication of this data will help make a scientific breakthrough and develop a “deterrent” in case of a potential alien invasion, Newsweek writes.

Encounters with unidentified flying objects have long been of interest to billions of people around the world. While these sightings are often easy to explain – sometimes they are space objects such as meteors or military hardware – they make you wonder about the possible existence of extraterrestrial life, Newsweek writes.

In recent years, such phenomena have once again attracted public attention, and many, including members of Congress, are demanding more transparency from the U.S. government on the issue. Among them is former Pentagon deputy intelligence assistant Christopher Mellon, who specializes in UFOs.

He published an article the other day in which, citing four employees of the Agency for All-Around Anomaly Research (AARO), reported that U.S. authorities are engaged in a secret “reverse engineering project.” According to his information, this research “involves the analysis and use of materials recovered from an extraterrestrial vessel.”

Mellon urged Washington to publicize the information about this program and defended his position with several arguments. According to him, Americans “have a right to know the truth” about such projects, and people “will be able to handle” any data about the alien ship study.

Mellon is convinced that making the project public promotes science.

“If we have recovered extraterrestrial technology, our best and most talented minds should be involved in its evaluation. Assuming that UFO engine technology is different from anything known to the public, a successful reverse engineering program could lead to a revolution in energy, transportation and materials technology,” the former official said.

“We may be able to accelerate the transition to clean and cheap energy. We may even be able to develop superconducting materials and engine technologies that are featured in Hollywood movies,” he added.

In addition, the disclosure of such information could help world leaders “develop an effective deterrent” against a potential attack. However, there is no evidence of “aggression” by aliens, the expert admitted. In April, at a Senate meeting, the U.S. military declassified previously unseen UFO videos. One of them, filmed by a drone last year, showed a “mysterious balloon” flying over the Middle East. Another showed an unidentified object in South Asia. However, AARO said the first object did not exhibit “abnormal” behavior and the second was probably a commercial aircraft, recalls Newseek.

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