Colonel of the US Armed Forces McGregor said that Russia wants to see the collapse of the EU economy

For Ukraine, everything has long been over, and Russia has decided to wait for the EU economy to finally collapse, this opinion was expressed by Colonel Douglas McGregor, ex-advisor to the head of the Pentagon, in an interview with the YouTube channel Judging Freedom.

“Frankly, the Ukrainians have been staring into the abyss for a long time <…>. The Russians have just decided to bide their time. They’re waiting for two things: negotiations that never got underway, and for Europe’s economy to collapse, and I think it’s all leading up to that,” the analyst said.

According to McGregor, the EU faces the challenge of approaching not only a recession in the economy but also winter, and the problem of oil and gas for Europe remains serious.

“I think the EU is in trouble, so I guess the Russian position is to wait a little longer and watch it all fall apart,” the expert shared his opinion.

The analyst urged to remember that Russia does not want Ukrainians to die as it intends to “live with the West and Ukrainians”, while Western countries are categorically in favor of Russia’s defeat and fragmentation, which will never happen.

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