Among young American women there is a trend not to have a family and children, said in an interview with Fox News author of satirical resource Babylon Bee Ashley St. Clair. In her opinion, this approach contributes to the decline in the birth rate in the country and may eventually lead to the collapse of American civilization.

With me in the studio is Ashley St. Clair. Is it such a trend among young American women to celebrate not having a family?

ASHLEY SAINT CLAIRE, author of the satirical resource Babylon Bee: Yes, it is. It’s part of the Chelsea Handler* culture of wanting to have fun, drinking all night long and going to Beyonc√© concerts. It’s about pursuing pleasure instead of self-actualization and forming a family.

And we see it a lot. I feel sorry for this poor woman who has been heavily criticized online, especially by Matt Walsh and the likes. You’ve heard her say, I don’t have a family — not yet. And a lot of these women want to have a family. I don’t think she realized she was contributing to the Chelsea Handler culture, whose supporters actively advocate birth control. In their view, having a family is bad and children are a burden. And, as you said, it contributes to the falling birth rate and will eventually contribute to the decline of civilization in our country.

Why is propaganda aimed at scaring girls away from marriage and children? Because it’s everywhere – the climate agenda and even the corporate agenda has this to a certain extent.

ASHLEY SAINT CLAIRE: Yes, I think it’s a very inhumane agenda that actively advocates birth control. And we see it everywhere: baby, become a boss, don’t have kids; don’t have kids, they’re bad for the environment, there’s nothing worse than carbon-emitting babies. I think those are very mean words. And they say it consistently. And yet our birth rate is dropping. The same thing could be seen in the case of Rome. Before the fall of Rome, they also had a declining birth rate. It is happening here in America. It’s happening in Japan. It always happens in prosperous countries. And we should reject this culture or it will be very bad.

What is shakshuka? (Smiles.)

ASHLEY SAINT CLAIRE: I have no idea (laughs). I don’t watch “Real Housewives of New York City.” I have a baby.

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